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Welcome to Our mission is to provide access to secure, safe grocery and meal delivery to the most vulnerable residents in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties.

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Who We Serve delivers sanitized hot meals AND sanitized grocery orders to Seniors and those who are home-bound due to illness in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton Counties. This includes those with immune deficiencies, diabetes, physical impairments, individuals fighting cancer who are on chemotherapy, and many others.

If you or someone you care for worries about access to healthy food, groceries, or hot meals due to a lack of mobility or the potential of contracting infection we are here to help.

The Challenge

There are more than 105,000 households in the Lansing area alone in the highest categories of vulnerability to the COVID-19 virus.

Thousands of Seniors, those with underlying health conditions, and those without a home to shelter in are dealing with tremendous anxiety when they think about getting safe, nutritious food during this crisis.

They are most secure when they stay in shelter.

Every trip to the grocery store increases their risk of exposure.

Delivery services are overrun, with wait times for shipments stretching as much as a week.

When shipments do come, each item being brought into contact with them may lack proper sanitization and, therefore, carries potential danger.

This situation is likely temporary for many. However, the same anxiety exists year-round for thousands of households in our area due to ongoing challenges with mobility or immune deficiency. We’re committed to offering permanent solutions to those who need them most.

Who Are We?

#FeedTheVulnerable is an initiative being operated by Grand Ledge-based 501(c)3 Great Lakes Empowerment Services Inc. You can learn more about our general mission by visiting We’re always focused on serving those who end up on the periphery due to life choices, social issues, or crisis.

One of our job training incubators is Crossroads BBQ, located in Grand Ledge. When the COVID-19 crisis erupted in our area we immediately shifted from offering BBQ and created a much more nutritional fixed price menu with extremely low pricing for Seniors, those with underlying health conditions, or those who are unemployed due to the virus. Now, we’re doing much more..

Our experience in energy management and scientific analysis of indoor environments allowed us to put together a science-based sanitization process that takes each stage of production, packaging, and delivery into consideration.

The end result is that we began delivering hundreds of excellent meals to those in need in a completely sanitized manner...but we were only scratching the thinnest layer of the surface when considering the actual need. So, our team got together and broadened the vision.

The Plan

We developed an infrastructure that is designed to produce FIVE KEY OUTCOMES:

  1. Mobilize local restaurants - Many are shut down due to the virus. We aim to put their kitchens back to work as they prepare hot meals at subsidized rates, with sanitized delivery provided by our trained technicians.
  2. Mobilize the community - We need volunteers...lots of them! We’re looking for healthy people who don’t fall into one of the high vulnerability categories to deliver food. You’ll be trained in our sanitary process. You’ll be provided with masks, gloves, and other protective gear. With that said, you’ll be putting yourself at risk to serve others.
  3. Mobilize financial resources - We’re a non-profit and we need the community’s financial support. You can DONATE. Or, you can ORDER FOOD to be delivered to your own home. Every time you use the full price menu, more than 30% of your purchase goes to funding this initiative. It costs us around $8 to produce and deliver an excellent meal. For every $8 we raise, one of these meals becomes completely free to the most financially vulnerable in our community.
  4. Offer Assisted Grocery Ordering and Delivery - We’re enrolling individuals in our fully assisted bi-weekly sanitized grocery shopping and delivery service. Our online ordering portal allows those we serve to choose their order, pay with whatever method they normally use, and receive a fully sanitized delivery at a scheduled date and time. The cost of sanitized shopping and delivery is only $15 per household.
  5. Mobilize social media and word of mouth - We can’t identify who needs this support without YOU spreading the word! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share our posts. Direct people to our website.

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